How to improve MT4 expert advisor

Usually trader has manual strategy and wants to automatize it. For this reason he looks for mql4 programmer who can provide mt4 programming service. After this trader will be able to test mt4 ea on historical data and find the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy.  The experienced mt4 programmer can advise you several features which can improve your forex robot. If you use scalping forex robot, I can recommend you to hide your Stop Loss and Take Profit from your broker. It is also good idea to try several types of trailing stop losses. Our company can add following type of trailing stop loses:

  • Standard Trailing: simple trailing, stoploss follows by the market
  • High/Low Trailing: trailing by bars High/Low
  • ATR Trailing: trailing by ATR indicator
  • Fractals Trailing: trailing by Fractals
  • PSAR Trailing: trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator
  • ProfitPcnt Trailing: trailing with lock of some pcnt of max. profit reached
  • TLine Trailing: trailing by some TrendLine added manual on the chart
  • MA Trailing: trailing by MovingAverage indicator

I also can recommend you to try several filters. For example time filter  to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm   (example: from 8:30 to 21:45) or work days filter. One of the very popular and useful filters is neural net filter based on Backpropagation neural network.

We also offer a lot of types of money management:

  •  Dynamic lot calculation  as percent of Account Balance, or  as percent of Account Equity, or as percent of Account FreeMargin.  So on increase of Account Balance/Equity/FreeMargin the lot size will growth too
  • Dynamic lot calculation with RiskPcnt option. You will enter an initial risk % of equity you can lose if StopLoss is triggered.
  • Dynamic lot calculation by Martingale theory.

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