MT4 Bridge with dealing functionality

The Bridge allows you to clear risk from trading accounts that you cannot hold in-house.  Exciting features, easy installation.

  • Easy install. Just a DLL that goes to your MT4 server.
  • No MT4 server restart when changing A-B books.
  • View Positions, Orders, Exposure.
  • You can keep your existing MT4 groups.
  • Clear to any MT4 account of your choice.
  • Highlight trading accounts to watch.

How bridge works

If you have a client on B-Book and you identified that this account needs to be cleared (copied 100%). Simply “Switch Groups” to A-Book and Submit. Next position will go to your clearing account.  Additionally you can choose the option to “Clear OP to Clearing account Now” and all existing positions of this client will be sent to clearing account. This option is good when a client has negative floating P/L and you think that market can make come back. Just lock that profit in.

If you have an A-Book client that you think you can handle the risk in-house. Choose “Switch Groups” to B-book and next position will be kept in-house. Additionally, if you want all his existing position to be switch to in-house mode choose “Close OP for this account on Clearing NOW” and all positions that are open on clearing account for this account will be closed at market price. This option is good when you think that your client proved to have loosing strategy and you want to keep all those loses.


Below are some views that are available for managers to help them to manage the risk.

List of Accounts

mt4 bridge list of accounts

List of Orders

mt4 bridge list of orders


mt4 bridge log


MT4 bridge groups

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MT4 Bridge F.A.Q.

Q. How bridge can help my brokerage to get more profit?
A. By switching between A and B books without server restart and using other proprietary functionality a Broke can reach new level of the profit without affecting clients’ execution.

Q. Many bridges are offering connect to Liquidity Provider via FIX, but our Liquidity Provider is on MT4, can we still use your bridge?
A. Yes, our bridge can be connected via FIX or simple MT4 account.

Q. Our Brokerage has only MT4 server, do we need anything else to use this bridge?
A. No, our bridge is done in the way of the plugin to your MT4 server.

Q. Do you charge fee per trade?
A. No, we charge one time fee.

Q. What information I will get in the bridge?
A. Our bridge has multiple Tabs with different information to make life of Risk manager much easier.

Q. Can I connect multiple Liquidity Providers.
A. Yes, you can connect multiple liquidity Providers either MT4 or FIX.

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Multi Level IB Platform

Whether you are a successful broker or just a start up, you are always chasing new clients. You set up marketing campaigns, you are giving away bonuses and free stuff but there is one thing that you may be missing – your IBs. One of the most powerful instruments when you are trying to attract new clients is to make your IB comfortable bringing their business to you. And besides a good rebate payout you need to have a robust, transparent Multi-level IB platform that will allow you to set up different levels of IB rebates and profit sharing.

The IB platform offered by BJF Trading Group Inc has a few distinctive advantages.

• Multi-trading platform
• Unlimited IB levels
• Unlimited WL levels
• IB rebates, Commissions or Profit sharing based payouts
• PHP Admin or integration with your existing CMS or CRM
• No monthly or per trade fees
• Once we built it you own it

ip software

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Social Trading Network

Social Trading Network the only Social network that allow its users to make money or to learn how to make money by simply following profitable Traders. The platform that we offer can be used by brokers to build network within one broker or by people who is interested in building Global Social Trading Network.  As any network the Social trading network starts with robust monitoring tool where users or just visitors can see the performance of all registered Providers (Traders).  By drilling down the performance of each Provider the user can find performance statistics and details. This information is useful when a user makes a decision which Provider to pick to follow.

The Network is open to any client who wants to become a Provider.  Simple sign up with MT4 credentials will put a trader in the position of being exposed to thousand or even millions Network visitors and users.  The Social Trading Network is mutually beneficial for both parties, the Provider and Follower. The Provider gets extra income for the job he is doing anyway and Follower gets Providers trades for a small cost. Our platform allows both parties to be connected by simple MT 4 credentials to enjoy the true value of Social Network.  Once connected, the Follower can adjust the size of the lot and other settings that will suite his/her risk and reward appetite. Our Social Trading Network platform is easy and intuitive to use by the administrators and users that assures pleasable experience in running it and using it.

Social Trading Network overall archi

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Social Trading Network Screenshots

Strategies list

social trading network strategy selector

My Favorites



Coping parameters

30-04-2014 23-59-32


My Copies

01-05-2014 0-00-25

Performance Chart: Profitability

30-04-2014 19-02-31

Performance Chart: DrawDown

30-04-2014 19-02-54

Performance Chart: Followers

30-04-2014 19-03-16


Performance Chart: Volume by Symbol

30-04-2014 19-03-56

Performance Chart: Trade Size

30-04-2014 19-04-12

Performance Chart: Trades

30-04-2014 19-04-34



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Professional PAMM solution

PAMM (Percent Allocation Money Management) is the solution that allows money managers to manage clients’ funds in simple and transparent way. By offering this solution to clients, the broker would be able to boost a flow of new clients in natural way. The solution contains PAMM Trader, PAMM Investor and PAMM Agent functionality.

PAMM Trader

Any MT4 trader can become a PAMM Trader. After simple sign up, all trades (EA and Manual) will be shown in Monitoring page allowing all clients to search the list of Traders based on different criteria. Clients can even drill it down to the detailed performance of each PAMM Trader. After registering  the Trader can access Traders Portal to set up different strategies, see the list of investors and agents. Also, in the Portal, the trader can accept new investments.

PAMM Trader overall archit

PAMM Investor

When search is finished and client made the decision to invest into particular trader, the client needs to fill out a simple form and become a PAMM Investor. The registered Investor is equipped with the Portal where he/she is able to see more details of trader’s performance, invest and withdraw money, watch the performance in real-time. The list of all current and past investments is also available in Portal. The investment is processed as a transfer between investor MT4 account and trader MT4 account. The investment starts working right after it hits Trader’s account and Trader open a new trade. The investment and profit withdrawal can be done at any given time via request in Portal.

PAMM Investor overall archit

PAMM Agent

The Agent introduces Investors to Traders and gets paid as a part of the profit on all introduced clients. First, the Trader sets up a payout to all agents based on the individual strategy.  Once payouts are set, the system creates personal links for agents, so when a client invests into Trader, the system can identify the agent so later the system can initiate the payment.

PAMM Partner

Feel free to contact us if  you are looking for professional PAMM solution or  have any questions:


Strategy monitoring

PAMM social monitoring

PAMM Monitoring

PAMM monitoring

PAMM – Invest funds

Invest funds

PAMM Project conditions

Project conditions

PAMM Project Profile

PAMM Project Profile

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Forex Social Trading

Forex Social trading presents a brand-new means of assessing financial information. Until just recently, financiers and traders were depending on basic and technical analysis to form their investment choices. Now investors and traders can integrate into their investment decision-process social indications that are sustained by a transparent real-time trading data-feed of all the users in the forex social trading network. This is now being presented as social monetary analysis. Social trading has also been connected with a range of online social trading networks.

Forex Social trading allows traders to trade online with the help of others. Social trading reduces the learning curve from novice to experienced Currency trader. Traders can connect with others, watch others take trades, then duplicate their trades and discover exactly what propelled the leading entertainer to take a trade in the first place. By trade copying, traders can find out which techniques work and which do not work, without risking their whole profile. In spite of the inflow of new social trading platforms, numbers still remain to enhance revealing a pertinent and growing interest in the task. Forex  Social trading rises participation in the market and causes a greater volume of trades going through.

Forex Socila trading can be devaded on two parts: forex systems monitoring, and forex web-based trade copier.  And can be realized via server plug-ins and sql database


Forex social ytrading scheme

Our company can develop Forex Social Network Trading solution based on your requirements.

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The MAM plugin is especially useful for money managers if they manage clients account utilising EAs. Furthermore all processing is centralised and server based – a really great advantage over other possible solutions. it’s really great benefit that can offer the broker to money manager.
The MT4 MAM software has a user friendly interface and includes the following features:

  • Supports an unlimited number of MetaTrader 4 trading accounts
  • Provides an overview of open trades, balances and margin levels on numerous accounts
  • Bulk order execution for instant allocation to sub accounts
  • Partial close of orders by Master account execution
  • Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality
  • Allows MT4 Expert Advisor
  • Live order management from within MAM

Allocation methods:

  • Lot Allocation
  • Percent Allocation
  • Proportional by Balance Allocation
  • Proportional by Equity Allocation
  • Equity Percent Allocation
  • Allocation by Equal Risk






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How to choose right mt4 programmer

For traders who use automated in their Forex trading strategies, the duty of their mt4 programmer is often critical. Real money is involved in forex trading , and traders would often find it frustrating to suffer losses caused due to subtle programming mistakes. Therefore, working with a professional mt4 programmer could lead to better excellence in Forex trading. The following are the qualities to look for in such programmers.

 Excellent Programming Capabilities

Technical skills is the foremost quality to look in expert advisors and indicators  programmers. A lot of Programmers usually offers free samples of their work, either via their own websites, or by emailing them as attachments. If you would like your programmer to give more qualifications or evidences of their skills, ask them to provide some recent works. Evaluate those samples so as to assess the level of the programmer’s technical skills.

It is frequently beneficial to have a discussion with your programmer prior to involving on any sort of tasks. A lot of programmers want to share their expertise and maybe able to offer improvements on your own trading systems.

 Good Communication skills

Your mt4 programmer might certainly have exceptional technical abilities, but if he has bad interaction capabilities, you may run in to more issues while working with him. Such a programmer might misinterpret your ideas and may result in delivering software with incorrect rules and parameters. If you hire your programmer for an hourly rate, the project may become even more costly. It is therefore, vital for your programmer to have excellent communications abilities. This will avoid delays caused by miscommunication and will speed up your software development process.

It is likewise vital for your programmer to have basic expertise on Foreign trading. With that, he would be able to envision your needs along with your programming requirements. Additionally, you can openly communicate your ideas without needing to fret about drowning him with too much trading jargon.

 Professionalism and Passion Towards Job

When working with developers online, the workout of professionalism is much more essential compared to ever before. The chances are that you won’t be able to meet them face to face, so Forex traders should be specific when it comes to this trait. The programmer should be timely when returning your emails and managing help requests. He should also be to meet his own deadlines. If he proclaims that helping people through programming is his passion, it would show in the way he interacts with his clients.

 Availability and Location

It is frequently all-natural for programmers to work sleepless nights and exhibit adaptability in their timetables. Nevertheless, it is still beneficial to understand your programmer’s everyday schedule. Knowing his accessibility would certainly allow both parties to keep good interaction lines which is often important to customized programming projects.

Bad programming is not a smart choice for Forex traders who invest in automated trading systems. It is very important to hire the service of a superb mql4 developer to ensure that the trader would have the ability to get his custom software the way he envisioned it.

BJF Trading Group inc. – One of the Worlds Most Experienced MT4 /MT4 programming Company.


BJF Trading Group is committed to providing the highest level of mql4, mql5, jforex programming to all clients, in order that they may achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

You can request free quotes or contact us via email:

We have developed about 3000 expert advisors for MT4. Our expert advisor programming service includes not only coding, but we can suggest new ideas or see the obvious errors in your description. We offer extra discount and bonuses (our expert advisors or indicators) for bulk expert advisor programming  orders.

Our the most famous programming projects:

Forex Robots: Stomper, TFOT 8, Eldorado, Neural Net

Copiers: PowerTradeCopier, CopyTool

Indicators: Elliott Indicator, Wolfe wave Indicator, Divergence Indicators.


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How to improve MT4 expert advisor

Usually trader has manual strategy and wants to automatize it. For this reason he looks for mql4 programmer who can provide mt4 programming service. After this trader will be able to test mt4 ea on historical data and find the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy.  The experienced mt4 programmer can advise you several features which can improve your forex robot. If you use scalping forex robot, I can recommend you to hide your Stop Loss and Take Profit from your broker. It is also good idea to try several types of trailing stop losses. Our company can add following type of trailing stop loses:

  • Standard Trailing: simple trailing, stoploss follows by the market
  • High/Low Trailing: trailing by bars High/Low
  • ATR Trailing: trailing by ATR indicator
  • Fractals Trailing: trailing by Fractals
  • PSAR Trailing: trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator
  • ProfitPcnt Trailing: trailing with lock of some pcnt of max. profit reached
  • TLine Trailing: trailing by some TrendLine added manual on the chart
  • MA Trailing: trailing by MovingAverage indicator

I also can recommend you to try several filters. For example time filter  to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm   (example: from 8:30 to 21:45) or work days filter. One of the very popular and useful filters is neural net filter based on Backpropagation neural network.

We also offer a lot of types of money management:

  •  Dynamic lot calculation  as percent of Account Balance, or  as percent of Account Equity, or as percent of Account FreeMargin.  So on increase of Account Balance/Equity/FreeMargin the lot size will growth too
  • Dynamic lot calculation with RiskPcnt option. You will enter an initial risk % of equity you can lose if StopLoss is triggered.
  • Dynamic lot calculation by Martingale theory.

Request quote for mt4 programming service.

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