Expert Advisors Programming (MQL4, MQL5, JForex…)

expert advisorIn case you cannot live without trading, and your trading strategy is very profitable and makes you proud of it, you can improve your business even more and increase profits. All you need to do is transform your trading strategy into an easy handling Expert Advisor for the MT4, or MT5, or JForex Platforms. Our Expert Advisor has been developed and coded by the best professionals of the industry to allow you relax and continue doing your business. Your strategy will keep trading without any intervention from your side and you won’t need to worry about the results. Moreover, on request we are able to integrate any indicators in your Expert Advisor system to make it even more personal, unique and effective. Finally, additional features are available upon request.

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It should be specially noted that no additional modification of third-party software (either developed by a company or an individual programmer) can be done. The only exception is when you need to add an MT4 EA protection code. By way of exception, third-party software modification is possible, but it will be much more expensive than to develop a new Expert Advisor. This is due to the fact that we have to study and understand this third-party system code in order to perform necessary modifications.

Development of an Expert Advisor requires about 2-3 days on an average, but if you want to customize your trading software and have some specific requirements, the development process may take up to a week. In case you order a big project, several weeks and even months may be required to complete the task, and development time depends on project vastness and details.

An MQ4 file containing full source code of your Expert Advisor will be sent to you upon completion of your order. Copyrights over the developed EA will be yours completely so you can do with the product whatever you want (modify, distribute, etc).

As a rule, our clients do not require assistance in setting up the Expert Advisor since it is an easy and straightforward process. Just open the folder \MT4-folder\experts\ and copy the MQ4 or EX4 file in it. Complete the installation by restarting the MT4 terminal. Anyway, feel free to contact our support team that will gladly help you with the process of installation.

Expert Advisors for Offline charts

If you prefer working with offline charts (Renko charts or Range Bar charts, created by means of certain third-party applications), we have all the resources to provide you with such opportunity by creating efficient Expert Advisors that are capable of working with these charts.

Expert Advisors with DLL

Our thoroughly programmed DLL libraries provide reliable connection between any remote server and your scripts, EAs and custom indicators. You will be guaranteed with the leading security features and able to safely transfer data of any value thanks to our skilful MT4 programming. Thereby, your Expert Advisor will set or post data in a highly secure manner.

Custom Scripts Programming

mt4 scriptWe can also provide you with custom scripts that can be integrated in your manual trading system. Using these scripts, you will always be able to set a preferable lot size in accordance with your strategy and money management rules. The scripts also have other useful features such as automatic creation of SL/TP orders and lot size that do not contradict with your rules and settings.

Custom Indicators Programming

If you are a trader who likes to trade manually, you know well that custom indicators can be very helpful. You can rely on our professional coders who use skillful MT4 programming to help you map trade signals, entry and exit levels, and SL/TP forecasts. You will be able to use these data in future for manual trading with your trading platform or an EA.

MQL4 & MQL5 Code Protection Service

We guarantee one hundred percent safety and protection of your software. It has become possible thanks to multilevel protection system. You can choose any preferable security package, from primary and elementary protection to more complicated and advanced security technologies. In order to increase the level of protection, we use skillfully coded DLL libraries that allow you to move your trading logic to such DLL files. On request we can also provide you with web-based security options. In this case part of your trading logic is transferred to a protected and reliable web-server. We will protect DLL using most reliable protection.

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Non-Disclosure agreement

Developed  expert advisor or  indicator will be your intellectual property. Please, download and read our Non-Disclosure agreement in order to understand the defense of your intellectual property

Alongside with software protection, we provide information privacy and are always ready to sign an NDA to guarantee protection of your ideas and trading methods. However, regardless of NDA, you can be sure that we will never disclose your private information to third parties. Keeping a client’s privacy is one of our most important obligations.

We have plenty of special offers for our clients such as unlimited software testing period. Thereby, no matter how many time has passed (several days, weeks or months) since you received a ready-made Expert Advisor, you can freely contact us in case of issues or errors of any kind. We have a professional team of expert coders who are always ready to assist you and solve any problem with our software. However, it should be noted that we do not perform major changes of software, for instance, in case the software becomes outdated.


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    As,I am new into this so will you be able to help me in making it a good one by providing some input?

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